History of Corral # 5

Corral # 5 was launched by the Gamble Family, Dani, Toni, and Bill, in 2014. We offer the experience and knowledge of 5 generations of horse professionals and enthusiasts. Horses and mules have been a part of the Gamble Family daily life for five generations, starting with Verna Matielli in 1910.

Over the years and generations horses have gone from a necessary tool, to a loving partner and friend. Corral # 5 still uses horses for various jobs and activities such as trail riding, packing in the mountains, barrel racing, drill team, cutting, lessons, and horse training

Located in the heart of the Cascades, Corral # 5 offers beautiful scenic views and a friendly atmosphere to experience, learn about, and enjoy horses and mules. 


The name, Corral # 5, was founded by our great grandmother, Verna Mattielli (maiden name Lund). Born in Cle Elum in 1910, Verna has been a lifelong horse woman and still has a love for them at the ripe old age of 105. She grew up on the family dairy farm, Lund’s Dairy, located on Nelson Siding Rd. All her young life she worked the fields, milked cows, and peddled milk to Kittitas County by horse drawn wagon and later by milk truck. She spent a few of her younger years running a running a pack string carrying food into the national forest. She kept the men that were stationed at the wildfire towers. In her later years she was often seen driving her old horse Midge into town to visit the local bar, for a night of good times with good friends.

Verna has always spoken of her love for the “fragrance” of horses; their sweat, the hay in the barn, and even the aroma of manure and coined the name “Corral # 5.” This was her version of the famous perfume called Chanel No. 5. Years and generations later her family members still use Corral # 5 to describe that great concoction of scents that make up horses and the barnyard.